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Random Writing #4: Urban Fantasy

My "Writing Magical Realism" class involved writing a narrative as part of our final. Here's what I wrote.

Random Writing #3: Riding Shotgun

Writing Prompt : You are possessed by a demon. It doesn't control you, but it does mention it's just there because it doesn't want to go back to hell.

Random Writing #2

I mentioned previously making attempts to get over my writer's block, so here's another piece. I used the Story Engine , which is a delightful way to generate story prompts. (Have I mentioned I love random generators? I really do. Patrons get access to use a bot in my Discord server that will generate all sorts of fun things.) One of the ways that I am attempting to help with that writing block is to write things out longhand, with a pen, in my journal. When I'm at the computer, the blinking baleful eye of the cursor staring at me, I either freeze up or immediately go into editing mode. So far, so good, and I kept thinking about this prompt even well after I ran out of time. Prompt : A salvager wants to get revenge on a prophetic hospital, but it will make a hypocrite of them.

BEGIN: Life Update

So the last five months have been a lot. I've been trying to figure out a way to really express my feelings about the whole hot mess, and hopefully this word vomit will help.

Random Writing #1

I have a longer update coming, but in the meantime, please enjoy this bit of Friday Freewriting from my "Writing Magical Realism" class.