Patreon, Paint, and Perseverance

What can I say, I love alliteration. Let's talk about my revamped Patreon page, and paint (of course).

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I've had a love-hate-resigned relationship with Patreon from the get-go. It not-so-gently guides you to post everything on their site, while disallowing easy ways to export that out. And then there's the issue of transparency, business practices, focus on video content, and so much more! They are damn convenient, though, and I have begrudgingly rejoined the site because convenience is more of a priority though.

There are Patreon alternatives out there (heck I even tried a few here on my site), but visibility is more important at this point.

New Tiers

So now there are TEN tiers of patron levels, four of which are limited in the number available. Because I am a nerd, I named the levels after my favorite drawing utensils. Every level gets a hookup to my Discord server, wherein you get access to a private patron-only channel where you can get the latest behind-the-scenes snippets and announcements.

Tier Discord Thank You Sketchbook Tour Challenge: Technique Suggest: Product Reviews & Recommendations Vote: Livestream Content Suggestion Inbox Early Access: RPG Setting
Crayon $1 Y
Pencil $3 Y Y
Ballpoint Pen $5 Y Y Y
Brush Pen $10 Y Y Y Y Y
Fountain Pen $20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Crow Quill $25 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

In addition to those levels and rewards, I have four levels with a limited number of patrons.

  • Amicus Ludos ($50) (limit 4): Crow Quill + game token pack. You get four RPG tokens of your choice, and I bundle them up at the end of the month for everybody in this level.
  • Nice ($69) (limit 3): Crow Quill plus one-on-one. You get two hours of one-on-one time with me for a critique, consult, tutoring, or just gaming together.
  • Patron's Choice (limit 2): Crow Quill + one full color character art.
  • Patron's Delight (NSFW) (limit 2): Crow Quill + one full color NSFW art.

You'll notice that there is a lack of videos planned...that's because video editing makes me twitchy. I don't have the patience (or time, really) for it. Let's go over what the rewards mean.

  • Discord: access to my Discord server, with patron-only channels.
  • Thank You: credits at the end of my livestreams or in any published material I make.
  • Sketchbook Tour: behind-the-scenes peek at my sketchbook and other works-in-progress.
  • Challenge—Technique: challenge me to a particular art technique and media.
  • Suggest—Product Reviews & Recommendations: ask me about art materials or something you'd like me to review.
  • Vote—Livestream Content: vote on my next livestream content.
  • Suggestion Inbox: give me directives on what to make.
  • Early Access—RPG Setting: get access a month early to game setting material that I make.

So as you can see, there is a lovely mix of art and gaming, 'cause both are intrinsic parts of my life. Right now, the setting that I'm focusing on is Neolympus, a sci-fi Greek mythology-inspired setting, and gosh it feels nice to get back in the groove of writing for myself.

New Goals

Right now, I'm focusing on being able to pay my rent right now: $500 a month. There are a lot of other fun goals, like more livestreams, the heckin' big sketchbook challenge, exclusive livestreams, digital gaming tools, and keeping me supplied with caffeine!

No matter what level that you back at, know that it is appreciated and I thank you for it.

☆*✲゚*。)O( 。*゚✲*☆

Art Supply of the Week: ARTEZA Acrylic Premium Artist Paint

It comes in pouches?! I really wanted to check out these acrylic paints, and I gotta say--pretty damn impressed. The opacity of the paint is great, and the paint body (how thick the paint is) was just right. I got a nice cool gray, because I dislike mixing large amounts of neutral colors. This is the same paint that is available in tubes (just a larger amount).

What I'm Watching

A lot of videos for school.

What I'm Playing

inFAMOUS: Second Son Why did no one tell me Delsin Rowe was so hot? *sweats*

☆*✲゚*。)O( 。*゚✲*☆

The holidays are coming--why not order a custom piece of art or ask me about a customized journal for the new year?


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