Time to Salute the Fallen

I've lost an old friend today.

☆*✲゚*。)O( 。*゚✲*☆

In the time honored-fashion of breaking precisely when I need them to function, my faithful Huion GT-220 has passed beyond the veil...or at least to the point where I can't use it for its intended purposes anymore. This was my first tablet monitor, and I drove the darn thing INTO THE GROUND. Replaced the pen twice, the threading on the VESA mounts fell apart from the case, and just in general abused it like only artists can.
Huion Kamvas Pro 22
And between that one and the new one on the way, it's still cheaper than a Wacom Cintiq.
Speaking of the new one the way...this was an unexpected cost. I had hoped to get at least another year out of my GT-220 before upgrading, but it was not to be. Boy howdy has technology gotten better in the last five years, that's for sure. The Huion Kamvas 22 has four times the sensitivity that my old monitor did, tilt sensitivity, and hot keys.


I'm ridiculously excited, though still mad about having to drop the cash to get it. Now, as some of you might know, COVID-19 means that my day job got squished, and the amount I'm able to get on unemployment is...well. The less said about that the better. So what you can do to help me out is...BUY MY STUFF!
Until I decide otherwise, I'm offering 50% off non-apparel items on my store, as well as discounts on commissions. This is a perfect time to get that headshot of your RPG character for your game, or some decor for your walls (now that you're staying at home more). (I don't really make any money on t-shirts and the like, since that's outsourced, so that's why they're excluded from the sale.)

What kind of art, might you say? Here's some of the work that I've been putting out lately (not to mention being a guest artist on Closetspace and A Wish for Wings).


Right now, I'm looking at a couple of different affiliate options, which hopefully might allow for some additional income. I do quite enjoy reviewing art products, so that could possibly be real nice. Restocking some journals, tinkering with The Beast and learning its secrets—all just another day in the life of me.
The upcoming fall semester is looming, and I'm taking five classes. It's entirely possible my brain might melt out my earholes, but it will be nice to pursue my education goals (finally). I am really pleased that the local community college has shifted pretty much everything online, so that reduces exposure risks even more. (And thank fuck for that.)

What I'm Playing

I am crawling out through the Fallout 4, and loving it.


I mentioned losing an old friend, and yes, I do mean my beloved Huion. But I'm also talking about my ex. But before he was my partner, he was my friend, and he was there for me when I really (really really) needed someone to be. Despite all the shit that went down between us, it was the friendship that I ended up missing the most. Doesn't excuse the shit that he did, nor the shit that I did, but. His act of kindness when I needed it will always be remembered.
And the irony of it is that I will also always feel like I've cried enough because of him.
And both feelings are valid and okay.


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