Review: Spectrum Noir Art Marker Trays

I might be a tiny bit obsessed with alcohol markers, but like any good obsession, you need to keep it contained. For everybody's safety.

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Copic Markers in Camera Case

Normally if there are conventions about, I kept all the necessities in a converted camera case. know, COVID-19 happened and I sure as shit ain't going to any conventions any time soon. For the longest time, I just kept my markers in the camera case, 'cause why not? But as I glanced around the studio, I saw various brands of markers just. There. And I kept shuffling piles around to deal with them. Certainly not ideal, nor even usable. I have that "out of sight, out of mind" problem with my art materials—if I can't see them I forget that I have them. And when your income sources are limited or infrequent, you gotta get it under control.

Spectrum Noir Storage Trays

Enter the Spectrum Noir Art Marker Trays.
Now I did my due diligence before I got these--did size comparisons, price comparisons, and this one was the winner. But how many did I need?

Well, I miscalculated, and had to make a second order to cover everything that I needed. But enough of my lacking math skills! They work great for their intended purpose, and help me gain ground in the ongoing battle to recover workspace in my studio.
And it is a battle, my friends.

Storage drawers waiting to be filled


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