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Finger on the Scale: Bias in Computer Systems

  Works Cited Angwin, Julia, et al. “Machine Bias.” ProPublica , 23 May 2016, Notes: I found their data analysis explanation (Larson) before I found the original article. This article gives human faces to the data, an important step in providing the emotional component to the data. One of the reasons that I chose this article and the other is that one of the authors is the same as the "It's Complicated" article in our reading. ProPublica is a highly rated non-profit, and the authors of the article are award-winning in their field (including a Pulitzer). Bellovin, Steve. “Yes, ‘Algorithms’ Can Be Biased. Here's Why.” Ars Technica , Conde Nast, 24 Jan. 2019, Notes: An initial article to get an easy overview of the topic, as well as provide several points of research to consider. Within the article, Dr. Bellovi

Comfort Food

These times call for comfort food, and I want to talk about my contribution to Legendary Games's Legendary Recipes . It's also about oppression and subjugation.