Battening Down the Hatches


Yeah. The last month and a half sure has been a thing.

Let's get into that—at least as far as how it affects my site.

The Croods - Ahh

"Free" Time

On one hand, I have more time on my hands now, but I am one of those folks that has a terrible time just...being. Whether it's my anxiety or a deep-seated neurosis that equates productivity with self-worth, filling up my time with Things to Do keeps my brain from focusing on the larger world. (And, you know... *gestures vaguely at everything*)

Among the many things on my list is getting my website redesigned, but that's less of a "want" and more of a "need". Some of the website features that I use are being deprecated, and along with examining my budget, some of the paid features I use have to go away.

If you're using the membership/patronage that I have set up through this site, those will be canceled and removed. Unfortunately, the other options that I have available to me are not cost-effective for the levels that I operate at, so it will be back to Patreon for me. If you're a supporter and don't want to use Patreon, let me know and we can look at some other options that I have available.

I will still be posting content on my site, but I am nowhere near as consistent as I want to be. My Discord server is the best way to interact with me, and it allows me to post things as I'm working on it serves as a neat way to serve private patron-only streams, AND you can see some of the bots and tools that I've been building.


What I'm Doing

  • Comic Art: I am a guest artist on my friend Jenn Dolari's comics, for both A Wish for Wings and Closetspace! WOO!!! I've been wanting to get into doing comic art, but trying to face down the technical challenges of paneling and pacing has been a roadblock.
  • Organizing My Studio: Like a lot of folk that grew up in not-ideal circumstances, I tend to hold onto just about everything. That, unfortunately, leads to a lot of things I forget that I had (like two sets of water-mixable paints), so I've been going through my stocks and donating materials that I don't have any intention of using.
  • Traditional Art: Related to the prior item, that means aaaaaaaaaaaaaaart. All the art. All the time. Traditional art is much more relaxing for me (especially these days), so expect to see a lot more of me...
  • Streaming: I've been livestreaming a lot more (again with that time thing), and you can catch me over on Twitch for that. You do earn channel points while you watch, and I'm still figuring out what to do with them. Plus you can watch my fishies.

What I Want to Do

So much, but it's easy to work myself into a depressive/burnt out state right now. But the things on my mind right now are a couple of different comic ideas, RPG settings, maps, art projects, getting my NSFW art running on a more consistent basis, etc...

Adulty Stuff (Bleh)

Ugh. Blech. Etc. Taxes really killed me this year—I lost about 50% of income last year, which hurt when it came time to file, and again with the whole *gesturing again at the world*.

What I'm Playing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, RimWorld, Final Fantasy VII Remake

What I'm Reading

A lot of Good Omens fan fic


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