Got Me in My (Post-Convention) Feelings

Con drop, glitter crash, post-con blues. You know what I'm talkin' about--that feeling after a convention or gathering surrounded by a bunch of awesome people, then you gotta go back to the "real" world.

Let's talk about that.

PaizoCon is always a magical time of year for me. Ever since coming up with the hair-brained scheme *mumbles* years ago with my fellow co-dictator Tim Nightengale, it's always been a time to get together with people I only know from the internet, raise a glass (or five), and chat about games, game design, things we love, things we don't.

Abandon Thread!To briefly skip over a few mentally trying years, tabletop gaming in general has been very hard to enjoy for a while. Coming off of being a community manager and trying to counteract toxic behavior really puts a kibosh on engaging with fandom and just being bitter about the whole dang mess in general. Being bitter makes me angry, and angry sometimes is just covering up fear and grief.

And that was me.

But this year, I really felt like I was able to enjoy the convention on my own terms. I had my table full of wares (very very full of wares), I had a seminar about a topic that I am really passionate about, and I got to chat with new friends and old friends, and shared art supplies, and all the fun things. I came back home refreshed and renewed with a purpose and a love for roleplaying games once more, and that was something that I really really needed.

Also, I have a stack of Starfinder game books, and I place the blame for that solely on BB Wolfe and On Call GM.

New Works

As per protocol, all of my other works are under NDA.

Art Supply of the Week: illo Sketchbook

I first heard about the illo while watching Drawing Wiff Waffles on YouTube (whom you should totally follow), and I didn't get the hype, but wow. It's a *really* nice sketchbook, thick, 122 lb. paper, not a lot of bleed-through. Just...dang. Super nice. Supply has been an issue, so if you have the budget, I'd stock up.

What I'm Playing

Project Highrise, Rimworld, Smite

Creative Folk You Should Follow: Imperial

Formerly known as ImperialGrrl, Imperial is a craft streamer on Twitch that I started following back in November(ish). She does fundraisers for St. Jude and is an all-around amazing, postive, and upbeat person that encourages the same in her community.



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