Choice in the time of COVID-19

At the end of the day, life is about choices. A lot of conflict comes from the removal of choice, when we are pressured into doing something because there is no other option. Those choices should never come with a price tag of somebody else's suffering.

Random Writing #4: Urban Fantasy

My "Writing Magical Realism" class involved writing a narrative as part of our final. Here's what I wrote.

Random Writing #3: Riding Shotgun

Writing Prompt : You are possessed by a demon. It doesn't control you, but it does mention it's just there because it doesn't want to go back to hell.

Random Writing #2

I mentioned previously making attempts to get over my writer's block, so here's another piece. I used the Story Engine , which is a delightful way to generate story prompts. (Have I mentioned I love random generators? I really do. Patrons get access to use a bot in my Discord server that will generate all sorts of fun things.) One of the ways that I am attempting to help with that writing block is to write things out longhand, with a pen, in my journal. When I'm at the computer, the blinking baleful eye of the cursor staring at me, I either freeze up or immediately go into editing mode. So far, so good, and I kept thinking about this prompt even well after I ran out of time. Prompt : A salvager wants to get revenge on a prophetic hospital, but it will make a hypocrite of them.

BEGIN: Life Update

So the last five months have been a lot. I've been trying to figure out a way to really express my feelings about the whole hot mess, and hopefully this word vomit will help.

Random Writing #1

I have a longer update coming, but in the meantime, please enjoy this bit of Friday Freewriting from my "Writing Magical Realism" class.

Fear of Success

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever does. Failure can teach you how to improve and what not to do. But we rarely talk about the fear of success, so let's do that.